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    With your own computers graphics hardware and a boxshot maker, you can easily pan, zoom, or rotate your product, thus making it easier to visualize the finished design of your boxes and enhance it. The tool usually comes with a variety of templates in a wide range of shapes and sizes. b . You must already have the design for your product on hand because the box shot is only a tool that you should use to package your design rather than create it. It helps you present your products in a more professional manner, thus attracting more customers and advertisers to your site. Some of the basic templates that you can make use of are the standard retail box, over slip box, standard and slim CDs, as well as standard and slim DVD cases. Finally, you can save the final product as an image file and upload it on your website.

    Take note that the box shot tool has no pretensions of being a design tool. With this tool, you can even play around with a standard screenshot and turn it into a 3D image LED G9 Light Suppliers as well. This tool is so versatile that it helps you create both large images and tiny thumbnails. The perfect time to get hold of the 3D boxshot is after making your product design, not before. An impressive boxshot will create a good first impression of your website and encourage potential customers to take a closer look at what you have to offer. Then you will have to adjust the size and create the desired effects shadow and reflection on the box shots.

    You can then sit back, relax and watch as your website activity starts to rise. Why should you buy a 3D boxshot? The reason as to why it is advisable for you to buy this tool if you are doing online business is quite simple.What is a 3D boxshot? This is an online tool that helps you transform your virtual products into 3D boxes. Simply put, you can boost your sales with top quality box shots.

    This is the hook that will draw them nearer and in this way it provides you with a bigger chance of getting sales than if consumers just pass over your website without even a second glance. The 3D boxshot is indeed a very effective way of using your box image as the perfect sales tool. Because of this, you can make your image much more interesting by downloading it as a clickable thumbnail that links to a larger image. This tool can also export top quality images and videos of your boxes, which you can edit and include in your website to serve as additional advertising for your product. The first thing you need to do is set the side and front images. This feature makes it easier for you to start making your box shots especially if you are still new at this game. This tool usually accepts both a front and a side image as input and all you need to do is follow a three step process in order to make the perfect box shot presentation.

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